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Film-Alliance offers access to the very top directors, the key locations, the most knowledgeable and ex- perienced crew, first rate talent at the best possible prices from around the world. Established in 2009, we are a global film production network that allows clients and advertising agencies to choose from an exclusive and highly select group of 19 film production com- panies who can deliver the undeliverable operating in

the major production centers of North America, Eastern and Western Europe, the dreamy islands off the coast of Africa and soon China, Scandinavia, South America and Japan. Film-Alliance is a one-stop shop that stops budgets from running out of control, while giving the controllers of budgets a run of creative options to circle corners of the world with economy, full accountability, and complete wonder.
















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As no two projects are ever the same, no two production companies can ever offer the same suite of skills or precisely the same nuanced creative magic. The cooperative nature of Film-Alliance enables the needs of a project to be married with the best-suited production company efficiently. And the benefits are profound:













From the time of Ancient Greece to the digital age of today, the world’s most significant breakthroughs have often been rooted in, and have emerged from, a partnership of ideas. Film-Alliance is not just an all- iance of companies; it is a partnership of ideas, ideas

generated from the most creative minds and tech- nically proficient artists who are part of an alliance from around the world sharing insights and stretching borders. Making wonder.















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